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Coaching Intensive for a Successful Mindset (LiveStreamed)*

Designed to help you get FREE of obstacles, CLEAR on next steps, and ACHIEVING your goals with balance and joy!

5 tailored guided sessions (1 hr each) provided in 5 consecutive weeks (schedule permitting) designed specifically for you!

Combining NLP, visualization techniques & spiritual principles with tracking & scientific methods, you’ll receive strategic coaching accompanied by meditations geared to help you align your mind, body & Soul in moving forward in the direction of your goals.  

We’ll use scientific methods & practical productivity tools to work on:

  • Discovering or reigniting your purpose.
  • Defining your intentions, goals & action steps
  • Aligning all of the above so you can actually move ahead.
  • Creating a practical, measurable game plan.
  • Creating a life (or business) where you experience FULFILLMENT regardless of the outer noise.


Coaching Intensive for a Successful Mindset


Strategic Coaching with Personalized Guided