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Hi there, grateful you’re here!

We’re Tatiana and Viviana

Chances are if you are here,  you’re looking to create some uplifting & life-changing results.

We love that!  And we’re here to support you.

Let us give it to you straight (our info) because your time is GOLD. 

Some Core Guidelines we go by (Our Approach):


Lasting transformations can best be achieved when caring, kindness and compassion are extended to the situation or ourselves.

The more aware we are, the more we can trust ourselves to make the choices that best supoprt our fulfillment. Awareness is key. 


When we stop apologizing for those parts of ourselves that have been judged and start OWNING ALL of who we are, we start living a LIFE OF UNPRECEDENTED FREEDOM. 

Somethings about YOU that might be true.You:

  • Are committed and want to choose the high road, regardless of life’s circumstances.
  • Realize putting yourself last on the list or ignoring your needs is not working.
  • Have a calling to fulfill, a project to lead, a business to run, or people to support, but are lacking the confidence and inspiration to move forward.
  • Love accountability and reaching your goals.
  • Don’t want to overcommit or leave things incomplete or half-done.
  • Want more out of life!


Somethings YOU might dream of having:

  • Confidence, Feeling ALIVE, SEXY, BRIGHT, CONNECTED and excited about your life!
  • Fulfilment as you go about achieving your goals!
  • Better health.
  • A bank account that reflects your talents, potential, level of giving.
  • A supportive community with whom to celebrate and go through the challenges.
  • More time. Whether it’s  to launch your business, take a nap, get your hair done, be with your kids, exercise…
  • A clear purpose and direction as you create a significant difference in the world.
  • More joy! 


We LOVE ENJOYING life too!

But let’s face it,  life’s not just fun and games.

We actually NEED to get things DONE. Lots of them!

So what if we could achieve our goals, while still taking care of our minds, bodies, and souls?

What if instead of wearing ourselves down or spreading ourselves too thin, we focused on creating from within in a more INTENTIONAL way?

Wouldn’t it be nice, if we made an impact in a way that supports those in our lives and even our planet?

If the answer to any of these is:

YES! I’m committed to this!

Then let’s get to it!

Let’s create fulfilling results!

Here are the ways you can work with us!


In the meantime, we’d love for you to remember

things we tend to forget at times  because of the

chatter of this world: 

This world is a classroom and a playground. We’re here to learn, gain awareness, and enjoy the ride. You didn’t make a mistake, you simply didn’t know any better and that’s why we’re here: to learn.
Judgments and  self-punishment never helped anyone accomplish anything.  Judgments actually are the source of pretty much all the pain we suffer.  Discernment and kindness with ourselves and others work best.
You are one of a kind, and so is your life. Comparing your wins & failures to others’ is like trying to pass a biology test while copying the answers from a driver’s ed course. It’ll never work. Succeeding at being the best YOU does.
We believe you were put on this Earth to fulfill your destiny and leave a legacy.  It can be the simplest of things, yet once it’s achieved and mastered, it’s time to KEEP GOING. If we’re not growing, we’re dying.

Ooh, and on that note, one more thing: OUR PLANET- just like our bodies- is our responsibility: limited, here to serve us but not to be abused. Sooner or later these mesmerizing resources will pass. Let’s aim for later!   

Note - If you’d like to get more info on our bios, personal and professional experience, and how we’ve prepared ourselves to best support you, Click here.