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Sexy Soul School™   
Designed to put the life force back into WHO YOU ARE: a beautiful, sexy, worthwhile woman ready to LIGHT UP your body, mind and Soul.

Own the rooms you walk into (from the bedroom to the boardroom) with a clearer sense of who you are & be that woman who loves to be in her own skin!

Think of this as you weekend mini-retreat with meditations, movement & profound yet relaxing Soul work carefully designed to help you come ALIVE and SET YOURSELF FREE so you can have more space to L.O.V.E.  

Come and CELEBRATE your feminine BEAUTY among a community of amazing and supportive women looking to switch the gears and go from depleted and invisible to ALIVE and UNFORGETTABLE!

Sexy Soul™ School

Sexy Soul™: [A woman that becomes unstoppable as she owns her feminine qualities, harnesses her strengths, voices her gifts, and follows her spiritual calling to create FREEDOM & LOVE].

Enrollment Currently Closed.Offered in Atlanta, GA & Charlottesville, VA

 The Group Experience   


Community. Support. Growth. Freedom. Fun!


FOR THE BODY:   Rekindle your self-love; discover your untapped sensuality; celebrate your FREEDOM; gently move into your playfulness and enjoy the gifts this planet has to offer!


FOR THE MIND:  Create a winning mindset; set anchors to increase confidence; learn how to follow your intuition & to LEAD THROUGH LOVE as you make a positive difference!


FOR THE SOUL:  Heal old wounds; shift disempowering beliefs about sex, spirituality & being a woman; OWN your beauty; move forward in greater service to all!